Welcome, all you pyromaniacs!
The Digital Campfire


In 2019, Erika and I were serving overseas as missionaries with a organization called Adventures in Missions. While we were in Asia, Covid-19 was spreading rapidly and we were inevitably sent home due to boarder closures. Upon returning to the US, quarantine mandates caused our communication with loved ones and community to be practically non-existent. Thus the Digital Campfire was born! This podcast is a place where friends, family, and people with bigger brains than our own meet to discuss a wide variety of thoughts and beliefs. Our views on the world and religion have evolved through these converstaions over time and we hope to continue that growth here. Not every episode may be your cup of tea.. or joe, for all you coffee drinkers out there - and that's okay! We aren't scholars or doctors and our discussions/opinions should not be considered authority - that's what Jesus and your mothers are for! We do, however, hope that you can hear our hearts as we seek to have authentic, meaningful conversations with one another. So, if you're looking for roughly an hour to kill each week, we would love to kill that hour for you. Thank you for joining us and welcome to The Digital Campfire! (BYOS - bring your own s'mores)

About the Hosts

Erika FainProfile Photo

Erika Fain

Lead Smore Creator

Erika (26) is an old lady trapped in a young womans body. She loves to paint, spend quiet time with the Lord, and go on walks with her husband and dog. As an INTJ, she is very driven and desires growth and authenticity. If she could, she would only ever eat desert - her favorite is jello poke cake (which she had for her wedding cake). She's extremely competitive and falls into mild depression if she doesn't get to go outside when the sun is out. She seeks truth, values honesty, and isnt afraid to gently pushback in conversations. If she was a plant, she would be a sunflower.

Nicholas FainProfile Photo

Nicholas Fain

Head Fire Starter

Goes by Nick, 27 years young, lives in Northern Kentucky. He loves more than anything to discuss life and beliefs with friends. He also loves to play/listen to music, go fly fishing, and play Rocket League with his wife. He is currently getting his degree in theology (which means he's learning how little he truly knows of God). For 8 years, he worked as a videographer for a national franchise and afterwards moved on to where he works now helping churches build and maintain their own websites. He's highly emotional - movies like Real Steel make him cry (there's just something about Hugh Jackman teaching a trash robot how to box). He has yet to cry on an episode but then again we've had no robot guests.