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June 27, 2022

Is the Gift of Healing for Today? : With Deon Vanstaden

Is the Gift of Healing for Today? : With Deon Vanstaden
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This episode our dear friend and former mentor Deon Vanstaden joins us to discuss the gift of healing and if it's for the church today. Deon is a South African native,  Pastor, Church planter, and Director of coaches at Adventures in Missions. He joins us to help tackle todays question. If Healing is for today, how do we pursue it and does it honor Christ? We hope this discussion causes you to think deeply about this topic and  search the scriptures to find out for yourself!

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Deon Vanstaden

Director of North America Church Planting Institute, Former Mentor and Squad coach for Adventures in Missions, Pastor, Church planter Author and dear friend. He is from South Africa, and has a fervant love for Christ and his church